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Introducing Emotional Grit

Grow: Becoming Aware of Your World

The current version of you defines your world. It defines your success. It defines your limitations.

This book will help you identify what is the current version of you. What elements of that current version are disempowering. You will get the exact toolkit to identify those limitations and see what role they play in your life.

Reveal: Accept the Past to Move Forward

When you find your limitations, you will also discover they were created in your past. There were events that happened that shaped you.

This book will show you how to recognize those events, accept those events and limitations so you can take control of your limitations and turn them to create positive outcomes for yourself.

Innovate: Ways to innovate and commit to change

You now know your limitations, knowing them was only the first step to change. Now, it’s time to commit to your change

In this book you will learn how to innovate your life. How to create change that is lasting. Your past has nothing on you, your future is waiting for you. Learn how to let go of your past, create and embrace your future.

Transform: Responsibility and Taking Action

Lastly, this book will show you how you can take full responsibility for your life. How to create habits, action steps that are encouraging. Change is hard, this section shows you how to make it easy, how to stick to change so you can have an unstoppable future.

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I am a mother, wife, entrepreneur, and performance coach to thousands. Helped transition change makers into careers they love, and lives where they thrive.

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